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Swiss Coupon Pass

Over 100 special offers across Switzerland

Digital Coupons worth

4500 Fr

Easy to choose

Easy to Remember

Easy to Use

11 different regions on the

Grand Tour of Switzerland


City Tours

Travel Upgrades

Sightseeing Attractions

Shopping Discounts

+ more!

Detailed Info in each Coupon

Offer, Maps, Contacts

Grand Tour of Switzerland

Which Segments will you visit?

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Buy Now!

1 Segment

9 Fr.

2-3 Segments

19 Fr.

4-6 Segments

29 Fr.

7-11 Segments

39 Fr.

Easy to Choose

Find all your Coupons per Region

Easy to Remember

Smart reminders at the right time & place

Easy to Use

Redeem your Coupons when asked by Staff

Note: do not activate any Coupon until you're ready to use it.

It will be immediately updated as 'Redeemed'

Fantastic Offers

Here's all the Coupons included in Swiss Coupon Pass

and what you'll save by using them

Use 2 or 3 coupons

Your Savings  >  Cost of Swiss Coupon Pass !



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Digital Wallet Marketing


Effective & measurable

mobile consumer engagement


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